2nd TPM

2nd Transnational Project Meeting
in Finland 
September 6-8, 2016

Tuesday 6 September
Head Teacher Esa Kähkönen welcomes the Erasmus teachers

Guides getting ready for the school tour

Busy working...

Dinner at Katja's

Wednesday 7 September

Enjoying a free school lunch
Erasmus+ teachers in front of Häme Castle
Heavy Metal: Arms and Armours Exhibition

Medieval dinner at Häme Castle

Thursday 8 September

The Greystone Church of Lammi

Medieval Tour at Lammi Greystone Church

Päivi: My good man, what on earth are you doing? You’re all sweaty. Here, take this.
Niko: Good day, Milords. Good day, Miladies.  Thank you, Milady.  Can you see the stones down here and up there? Do you like them?
 Päivi: Yes, I really do. So kind of you to volunteer when we needed stones for the church.
Niko: It’s nice to hear. Finally the work is done. I’m so happy and relieved.  I’ve been involved in this project since 1490.
Päivi: Yes, well done. Keep up the good work!

Niko the Farmer

Iida: Milords, Miladies, please take pity on us. We don’t have any food or proper clothes. Anno Domini 1696 was a very bad year and the crop failed in the whole of Finland.
Aino: We had to leave our home and start begging for food. But there are so many beggars everywhere we go. Look, this is how little food we have for our family of twelve. Please help us.
Iida ja Aino: Oh thank you, Milady. May God be with you, Milord. May God bless you.
Iida and Aino, the Beggar Girls

Bertta: Excuse us, milords, Miladies, but we can’t find our brother. We left home for church as we do every Sunday but now we can’t find him anywhere. Have you seen him by any chance?
Päivi: Well, I don’t think we have. We’ve only seen the farmer outside the main door.
Ansa: Oh but look, his sword is here. That means he must be in the church. You see, men have to leave their weapons here in the armory before they go in the House of the Lord.
Arran: Milords, Miladies. My dear sisters, why do you look so worried?
Bertta: Mother sent us looking for you.
Ansa: Yes, she thought you had gone to the ale house instead.
Arran: Me? To the ale house? Come, come now.  Surely I wouldn’t do such a thing. Little does our mother trust me… Come along now, my sisters, the sermon is about to start. Excuse us.

picture coming later

Ilona: Father, I’m desperate. My son is dying. He’s seriously ill and nobody seems to know how to cure him.
Akseli: My daughter, have faith in Jesus Christ. I’ll pray for your son every day.
Ilona: But I just lost my parents. I can’t bear the thought of losing yet another beloved one.
Akseli: I know your parents died of the plague and that broke your heart.
Ilona: Yes, I was devastated. In 1710, we were living in Helsinki and we tried to escape the plague by coming to live here in the countryside.
Akseli: Yes. Sadly, it was too late and they died. And so did two thirds of the population of Helsinki.
Ilona: You will pray for my son every day, Father, won’t you?
Akseli: I will, my child. Go home in peace. May God be with you.
Ilona: Thank you, Father.
Lady Ilona talking to Akseli, the Priest

Aino and Marjaana: Welcome back to modern times! We’d like to show you a Finnish folk dance. Please join in!
Marjaana and Aino dancng Finnish folk dances

Farewell words

Keski-Häme 6.10.2016

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