The Pop²

You walk into the cinema. It’s the new blockbuster and excitement courses through your veins. You go to the counter and buy your ticket, popcorn and your favourite drink. All is well. Then, BAM! You run into a dilemma. You need to give the guy your ticket but your hands are full and the floor is dirty. It’s a tricky situation to get out of and most of us will deal with this throughout our lives, but we have the solution.

The brand new Pop squared is both a cup and a popcorn bowl in one. The innovative design encompasses either a small, medium or large cup to hold the drink of your choice, however, instead of a flat lid, the lid curves up into a bowl shape. Depending on your drink size, your popcorn will hold the standard amount of popcorn for small, medium or large. An extra-long straw is added for convenience with double thickness so there is no chance of getting soggy popcorn. The pop squared is disposable, made of recyclable materials and cheap and will be sold at most cinemas throughout the UK.

This is a great business idea because it takes into account real life problems people face whilst also being cheap and easy to make. I think the product would be extremely popular and would spread fast through social media such as Instagram.

So there you have it, the Pop².

Why Did We Name It Pop Squared?

We called our product Pop Squared (written with a small two next to the Pop) because it includes a section for popcorn and a section for a fizzy drink of your choice (fizzy drinks can also be referred to as pop, which is why we chose this word). This product as a whole is very practical when it comes to cinema trips with friends or family. “Pop” appeals to both British and Canadian buyers, as it is a word commonly used in both countries, and is more well-known. The name also sounds more sophisticated because it uses a mathematical term – squared. This could appeal to the subconscious minds of parents accompanying children or just general adults, therefore broadening the target market and increasing the chances of them buying the product. The name is short, snappy and memorable, and we hope to see it plastered over town in the near future!

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