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Under the Erasmus + Project "Empower Students With Entrepreneurial Skills", the High School of Seia hosted the 1st international exchange of students and teachers from different countries: England, Italy, Poland, Romania and Finland
This exchange took place between 18 and 22 January and attended a schedule of diverse and challenging work. Thus, the program was not only a roadmap for visits to different companies located inside and outside the municipality of Seia, as well as a recognition script of the main local products that are likely to be seen as entrepreneurial ideas generators for business and which accomplish the guidelines set by the Europe 2020 program: '1. Smart growth; 2. Sustainable Growth and 3. Inclusive growth ".

The auditorium of Seia High School welcomed the official start of the activity being the entrance hall of Block C the scene of craft shows which immediately captured the curiosity of students and professors visitors. The opening session, chaired by the coordinator of the project, was attended by the president of council, school head teacher and other municipal representatives.

The visits script began on the second day, company "Quinta de Saes", "Ara Shoes," "H Sarah Trading" in conjunction with the visit to the Maria’ house - artisanal cheese production - and the Toy Museum. After this first show of business units, the students worked on the model 5E's (Engage - Explore - Explain- Elaborate -Evaluate) for holding a first evidence of how would integrate the guidelines of 2020 in an existing business model.

On the third day, the group of students and teachers involved in the project visited the Bread Museum, a private investment reference in Seia and then were warmly received at Town Hall by Mrs. Councilor, Cristina Sousa. How enthusiast and admirer of Erasmus + Projects expressed a sincere appreciation to this project within secondary education. This visit also joined a workshop promoted by ADRUSE who presented the best practices that have been developed in primary and secondary school in the context of entrepreneurship.

The fourth day was part of a road map by the " Natural Park of the Serra da Estrela " visiting the companies "Serra da Estrela Waters" and "Factory Burel" culminating in a seminar spurred by Mário Raposo teacher in University Beira Interior. This seminar resulted in interest lesson on entrepreneurship in which it emphasized the need to work this issue with young students. Since it is the first university in the country that integrates entrepreneurship discipline in different courses and it make part of the international group GEM - Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. In this context, UBI joined our Erasmus + project as a partner in science and research, and will enhance the validity and quality of the products resulting from this international project.

The last day of the exchange week consisted of two other works, based on the last visits. Thus, the activities involved a mixed methodology of problem solving and role playing in the field of structuring a business plan associated with the various local products of the Serra da Estrela region, followed by a presentation of an commercial sketch  about the idea business. The presentation of the final works was evidence that intercultural ideas, experiences and knowledge brought greater enrichment at the final proposals. It was a great satisfaction for  teachers and  project coordinator.

But the week had also other moments of friendliness and pleasure, that strengthened the friendship and keep on communication. The joy, sympathy, friendship and dedication were included in a week that for many students were of the most significant of their lives. Among the various moments of sociality, we were treated to the generosity of several people and public and private entities.

Also a sincere thanks to the families who welcomed in their houses students in mobility in this exchange. We believe it will have been an enriching experience and perhaps to repeat in new projects.

Finally, and in a special way, a thank you to the whole team that was involved in achieving this week's exchange and without the commitment, dedication and generosity data without measure this event would not have had the impact that reached the community views school, students and teachers.

The different pieces of the cube have been combined and resulted in different ideas.

 Is our responsible "Connecting the youth of Europe" by keeping the work on and do Great Things.


The outlook recorded by Polish students

Polish Students  who've been in Portugal made a film in which registered the main activities carried out throughout the week of exchange.
The result is an excellent documentary full of emotions and moments of learning, joy and a lot of friendship! Thank you all...


PORTUGAL / Seia / Erasmus+ / 18 - 22 January 2016 from MagicMick on Vimeo.

Interviews conducted by the Italian students (1)


ANA CAROLINA – Seia (Portugal)

Hi Carolina, can you introduce yourself?

I’m 17 years old and I live in Gouveia with my parents, my brother, a turtle and three dogs.

Do you like your town?
Yes, I do, but I would prefer to live in a bigger city.
Now, tell me something about your school.
My school is the Escola Secondaria de Seia. It has about 500 students. We attend this school for 3 years, from the age of 15 to 18. We study Science, Foreign Languages, Arts and Economics.
Why have you chosen this school?
Because my mum works in this school and I wanted to meet new friends.
How many students are there in your class?
In my class there are 23 students.
What time does school start and end? Do you go to school on Saturday?
School starts at 8:30 am and ends at 1:30 pm. Sometimes we finish at 5:20 pm. We don’t go to school on Saturdays.
Where do you usually have lunch?
I usually have lunch at home or at a restaurant near my school; I rarely eat in the school canteen.
What foreign languages do you study?
This year we study only Portuguese. During the other school years, we have three English lessons a week.
What are your favourite school subjects? And the subjects you hate?
My favourite subject is Psychology because I want to become a forensic psychologist. I hate PE because I don’t like sports.
Choose three adjectives to describe your school.
Big, well-organised and cold.
What do you like doing in your free time?
I love sleeping and watching TV shows.
What do you want to do after you graduate from high school?
I want to go to university and study Psychology.
What do you see yourself doing in the next 5-10 years?
I see myself working in the USA and living with my husband.
If a genie granted you three wishes, what would you ask for?
I would like to ask for world peace, happiness and getting the chance to meet Justin Bieber.
GEORGE – Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
Hi George, can you introduce yourself?
I’m 16 years old and I live in Cluj-Napoca with my parents.
Do you like the city where you live?
Yes, it’s a beautiful city.
Now, tell me something about your school.
My school’s name is Liceul Tehnologic Aurel Vlaicu. It has 300 students. We study Science, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.        
Why have you chosen this school?
A computer chose for me.
How many students are there in your class?
In my class there are 29 students.
What time does school start and end? Do you go to school on Saturday?
On Monday we have classes from 7 am to 2 pm, the rest of the week from 8 am to 2 pm. We don’t go to school on Saturday.
Where do you usually have lunch?
I usually have lunch at McDonald’s or other fast food restaurants after finishing my football training.
What foreign languages do you study?
We study English and French; for each language we have 2 lessons a week. I study Italian after school.
What are your favourite school subjects? And the subjects you hate?
My favourite class is PE because I love sports. I like the break too! I hate the other school subjects because I don’t like studying.
Choose three adjectives to describe your school.
Well, my school is not so big as Ana’s school. It is far from my house and sometimes I find it a bit boring.
What do you like doing in your free time?
I love playing football, I’m a professional football player and I love going to the gym, jogging and eating at fast food restaurants.
What do you want to do after you graduate from high school?
I want to be a famous football player and attend university in Italy or the UK.
What do you see yourself doing in the next 5-10 years?
I see myself driving a BMW and playing for a famous football team!
If a genie granted you three wishes, what would you ask for?
I would like to have my own family, a house and a swimming pool.

Evaluation Report


After the exchange, the coordinator of the project summarised the questionnaires on the degree of satisfaction and involvement of students and teachers participating in the first exchange, held in Portugal.

The main results were:

1.the students felt some changes as far as their personal enrichment level is concerned in the area of entrepreneurship;
2. students strongly agree that the activities of the first meeting contributed to strengthen the cooperation among the countries and also agreed  that the activities fulfilled the objectives of the project; 
3.some students did not assess positively, (perhaps) because their participation and group work were not easy;
4. music, dance and dinner were what the students most enjoyed  in cultural evenings;
5. learn languages and look at entrereneurship differently were the students' changes after participating in the activities;
6. cooperation / teamwork / integration / making bread was what the students liked most in activities
7. more free time and less work would be the two main changes to the week.

and presentation of results in the following Prezi ...



The Portuguese students have made flyers for local businesses and cultural and historical places.

The result of their work can be seen here. 

Follow the link to the slideshare.

Flyer_ Tour Serra de Estrela from Sandra Lopes

The two activities carried out by students were supported by some resources  were given guidelines for the group work.


Doc activity2 from Sandra Lopes

Another document was the Daily Bulletin that compiled all the evidences and opinions from the students and teachers involved in the international Short Exchange in Portugal


Daily Bulletin from Sandra Lopes

The assessment of the mobility in Portugal was made by inquiries to students and teachers.



Final Products

The work made by students is presented here.The first activity consisted in the elaboration of six posters. In groups  students had to think about the competences - knowledge, skills, attitudes and motivation -  to be an entrepreneur.

After that, the students worked with the Model 5'Es_  Engage-Explore-Explain-Elaborate-Evaluate- the Smart Growth, inclusive Growth and Sustainable Growth in Europe 2020 Framework.


The second activity consisted in creating six business plans about one of the regional products or companies that  were visited during the mobility in Portugal.



The third activity was to write a daily bulletin that was given in the beginning of the week and collected the last day of work.

Dissemination_ Local Newspaper


Il Mattei in Portogallo con Erasmus+ (school website - Italy)
Un gruppo di quattro alunne delle classi 4 ITE, accompagnate dalle docenti Marazzi e Gasparini, ha vissuto per la prima volta l’esperienza del progetto ERASMUS PLUS soggiornando dal 18/1/2016 al 22/1/2016 in Portogallo, nella località di Seia, con delegazioni provenienti dall’Inghilterra (Halifax), Polonia (Varsavia), Finlandia (Lammi), Romania (Cluj-Napoca). Studenti ed insegnanti sono stati coinvolti in un intenso programma di attività che si sono svolte al meglio. Si sono alternati momenti vissuti a scuola, in cui si è approfondito il tema del progetto “Empower Students With Entrepreneurial Skills”, mirato allo sviluppo delle capacità imprenditoriali, con visite aziendali alle seguenti imprese: Burrel (lanificio) Ara Shoes (Gorez, calzature) Sarah Trading (riciclo vestiario usato), Quinta Phinhanços (azienda vinicola).
Tutte le delegazioni sono state ricevute nel municipio di Seia, alla sede universitaria di Covilhã e hanno potuto visitare alcuni musei: Bread Museum, Toy Museum, Burrel Museum. Il programma ha previsto un momento di visita al territorio, nella località montuosa di Serra Estrelha a circa 2000 m di altitudine. Durante il soggiorno sono state organizzate due serate: nella prima, dopo la cena, gli studenti si sono impegnati in balli tradizionali dei loro rispettivi paesi, mentre nella seconda, hanno assistito ad un concerto di giovani musicisti del posto.
Il prossimo scambio avverrà nel mese di marzo a Varsavia.
È stata un’esperienza ricca di stimoli per i nostri studenti che hanno avuto la possibilità di visitare luoghi sconosciuti e confrontarsi con loro coetanei provenienti da diversi paesi Europei, partecipare ai vari momenti della giornata, come ad esempio la condivisione dei pasti, degli alloggi, della vita in famiglia, ha permesso loro di sperimentare un diverso stile di vita.
Questo progetto contribuisce sicuramente all’arricchimento personale e culturale dei partecipanti.  

Article in school magazine "Tavastia tapetilla" (May 2016) - Finland


Students' Presentations

The coordinators of each school must make sure that all presentations (ppt, prezi, video,...) are in this page!

1st International Short Exchange Staff Training Event

During the First Transnational Short-term Exchange of Group of Pupils, Coordinators and accompanying teachers  work plan consisted on:
1. Common visits with the students to the business companies;
2. Workshops and lecture about how to develop entrepreneurship on students;
3. Two Meetings 

Dissemination of the 1st transnational meeting


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