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The Lammi Mobility Report

PORTUGAL: Agrupamento de Escolas de Seia, Escola Secundária de Seia  - SEIA
ENGLAND: Ryburn Valley High School - HALIFAX
ROMANIA: Liceul Tehnologic Aurel Vlaicu – CLUJ-NAPOCA
ITALY: Istituto Superiore E. Mattei – FIORENZUOLA d’ARDA
FINLAND: Koulutuskuntayhtymä Tavastia Lammin Lukio – LAMMI
POLAND : LXV Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace z Oddzialami Integracyjnymi im. gen. Jozefa Bema - WARSAW 

1st Day of the Lammi Mobility (Monday 23rd April, 2018)
The Lammi Mobility was kicked off straight after the opening ceremony by the presentation of the initial tasks. Each partner country had been asked to choose a local product which hadn't been marketed abroad  and make a SWOT analysis of it. The idea was to get the students thinking about marketing products abroad as that was the theme of the whole week. The products chosen for the SWOTs were varied. Italy presented their SWOT on coppa piacenta, whereas Finland had chosen a local artisanal beer, Lammin sahti. Poland and Portugal had opted for smoked ewe's milk cheese from the Tatras and bolo negro de Loriga respectively. Last, but not least, Romanian mini croissants and bath truffles from Halifax.
After a school tour the work was resumed. Mrs Anna-Maarit Heinonen gave a lecture on "Operating in International Markets", during which the teachers had their first  short-term joint staff training. While the students were busy learning about taking a company abroad, the teachers were given a briefing on the activities of the week ahead of them.
The day was concluded by a visit to Voglia,  a local women's fashion company. The visitors were given a guided tour of this enterprise with a lot of experience in marketing abroad, thus further anchoring the theme of the Lammi Mobility: companies going international.

2nd Day of the Lammi Mobility (Tuesday 24th April, 2018)

Tuesday was the day for the company interviews. Five companies, most of which Lammi-based, had been carefully selected for this activity. The purpose of these visits was to ask the companies certain key question about their operations abroad and later compare the findings of each group. The students were divided into groups, intentionally mixing the nationalities in order to break the ice as soon as possible. All groups were given the same set of questions, then encouraged to visit the company websites and come up with more questions. After that it was time to get started.
Some of the companies could be reached on foot, others required a van ride.  One interview was carried out on Skype.
The companies interviewed were Lammin Betoni, Puutyö Hannes, Lammin Sahti, Kyrö Distillery,
Voglia and Herkkumaa.
 Having completed the company visits, each group returned to the school to prepare a PowerPoint presentation of the key elements of their interviews. They were  later uploaded to the school cloud for the other groups to see and use. The day was wrapped up with a stay at the Koski Hunting Club premises where the students could have a sauna followed by a dip in a lake or a hot tub.

3rd Day of the Lammi Mobility (Wednesday 25th April, 2018)
The third day of the meeting was a trip day. First, Hartwall Ltd welcomed the students and teachers at their cutting edge, highly automised brewery in Lahti.  After the guided tour, the coach took everybody to The Fazer Visitor Centre, next to Fazer Group Ltd, boasting equally top-notch facilities. Fazer Group Ltd is one of the largest corporations in the Finnish food industry. The day was brought to an end with a sightseeing tour in Helsinki with Mrs Kyllikki Vilkuna, our ex-headmistress, acting as our guide and some free time to explore Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

4th Day of the Lammi Mobility (Thursday 26th April, 2018)
Mr Eerik Lähteenpää, representing Kyrö Distillery, started the day off with his lecture on "The Cultural Differences in Business". The rest of the day was consacrated to the finalization of the final product: an iMovie named "The Dos and Don'ts of Going International". The idea was to bring all insight gained during the week together in the final product and create some guidelines for future entrepreneurs planning to do international business.  The students were asked to revise their notes taken during the lectures and have a look at the material uploaded in the school cloud: the SWOTs and the  Powerpoint presentations of the company  interviews. The groups were mixed again to make sure as many students as possible got to know each other and learned to work with different kinds of people. Everybody was encouraged to choose ideas they considered the most important and discuss them in their groups. Overall, it was emphasized that there were no right or wrong answers and that learning to work together was a valuable process.
Around 3 pm the groups were mixed again, this time to prepare Finnish delicacies, namely spinach soup, flat bread patties,  egg butter, and pancakes for dessert. This fun activity was European cooperation at its best – asking for advice,  helping one another and working towards the common good!

5th Day of the Lammi Mobility (Friday 27th April, 2018)
Friday saw the presentation of the final products: six  iMovies, all different in their approach to the theme. Soon it was time for the handing out of the certificates, hugs and kisses, pictures and coffee and cake. The final day finished with sauna and swimming at the nearby swimming baths (optional activity).

Link: a short article about Erasmus+ event in the local press ( 4.5.2018)

The Final products / Videos:

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