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Mobility to Romania - Testimonials

We, Beatriz Oliveira and Beatriz Herdeiro belong to the project "Erasmus + - Empower Students with Entrepreneurial Skills" and were given the opportunity to stay in a Romanian city called Cluj Napoca.

We stayed with a Romanian girl named Mădălina and her family. They were all very nice and tried to integrate us to the fullest. Madalina's parents didn’t speak English, but with the help of google translator we managed to communicate with some ease.

During our short stay of only a week, we met incredible people that we’ll never forget, we were able to improve our English, since it was the only language we could communicate in and in particular we made memories that will stay for the rest of our lives.

Let's not say it was all great, because there is always something that doesn’t go as planned. In our case, our schedules were very different from Mădălina’s and that wasn’t always ideal. The typical Romanian food was also something we didn’t love, but we always managed to get something we liked.

We honestly advise all the students who have the chance to have na Erasmus experience to grab it, because it is something that changes your life completely and enriches you in an inexplicable way.

Beatriz Herdeiro and Beatriz Oliveira

My trip to Romania, more specifically to Cluj-Napoca, with the “Erasmus + Entrepreneurship” project group, was an unforgettable experience.
It was a memorable week! On the first day, I found myself on a plane to Cluj-Napoca, a city that I didn’t even know existed! In Cluj, the Portuguese participants of this project were hosted by families in different places of the city, which I dare to compare to a bigger and a more degraded, version of Coimbra.
Throughout these days, all those who came from different countries, such as Portugal, to Romania on behalf of the project, were taken by the Romanian hosts (also participants of the project) to visit not only the city but also its surroundings: castles, fields, among other things. I especially enjoyed the interaction with other teenagers from different countries and my stay with a Romanian family, which allowed me to absorb and exchange customs, traditions and even different perspectives of reality.
In short, I think it was very positive, memorable and obviously different from our daily routine. Certainly, I have expanded my knowledge.
Leonardo Pina

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Mobility to England - Testimonials

We Lusitanian, landed on the lands of your majesty, more precisely, England, when the calendar showed the day of 12/03/17. We started to land in Manchester at dawn. By the evening we were already in Halifax.

We met once again old comrades, met new nice people and…. Oh, yes! The English… English folks that made us feel like outsiders, but, nothing would bring the Lusitanian spirit, urging to make new alliances.

The week was passing and the allies were growing in number at the same time as the Lusitanian people well-being, spreading the Portuguese Empire to the lands of Italy, Poland, England, Romania and… I think that’s it… planting the roots that already started to sprout in Portugal.

The approval of the students was imminent, although, their superiors considered us as a threat.

Apart of all the problems imposing barriers to our campaign, the week was well conquered, we visited the famous land of York and it’s well known chocolate factory and one pound stores. We developed projects and made plans to new challenges implanted by our superiors.

In the end we managed to forge strong alliances with the Nord as well as with the Southern. We concluded that the journey finished successfully, we have even arranged a meeting, with the Nords of Finland, here, in Portugal, this summer. Just like that we settled our position as Heroes of the sea, over that not so noble people.

Gabriel Rodrigues, Diogo Lourenço, Bruno Marques e Rodrigo Simões



I was given the opportunity of being hosted by a family in Halifax, England. In the beginning this fact scared my parents and some of my classmates too. Now I can say that it was one of the most enriching experiences of my life.

I was hosted by an English family and my new friend’s name is Caitlin. The Erasmus+ project allowed me to choose between staying at her house or at the hotel with my Portuguese schoolmates. Fortunately I chose staying at her house.

During this trip, I improved my English skills because of the constant interaction with all the members of Caitlin’s family. I developed a strong connection with all of them and also with Caitlin’s friends. I felt comfortable and included. I learned a lot about the English culture because I had a daily and real contact with English kids and adults and I needed to communicate with people in English language every day.

Stephen, Caitlin’s father told me some facts about Halifax and the places I had visited each day. Ceri, Caitlin’s mother, always asked me about my day at school and every night we would talk about life and what people do in England and she would ask me questions about Portugal.

Ben, Caitlin’s younger brother, was always ready to tell me about his school day and he taught me a lot about the sport he plays, cricket, which we don’t have in Portugal.
Last but not least, I told Caitlin that of all of the people I met, she was the best friend this trip gave me. Before going to England we would talk a lot on Facebook, so when I arrived we were very comfortable around each other and it was easy to talk about everything.
During that week I met a lot of English people and many students and teachers from other nationalities.
In addition to the cultural achievement, this trip gave me lots of memories and experiences that I will never forget and most important of all, it gave me new lifetime friends.
My week in England was the best week of my life and if I ever have another chance of doing something like this again, I will take it without thinking twice!
Beatriz Herdeiro


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Preparing to participate in the APPLICA-TE Contest

Ricotta Cheese Pie from Seia


1 Ricotta Cheese from Seia

350 g of sugar

50 g of melted margarine

5 eggs (6 eggs per option)

1 tea spoon of baking powder

100 g of wheat flour


In a large bowl squeeze the ricotta cheese along with the sugar. Add the beated eggs and the melted margarine. The last step is to add the baking powder and the flour.

Preheat oven to 170 degrees C.

Grease and flour a pie pan. If the pan is made out of silicon there is no need to grease it.

Bake in the preheated oven for 25 to 30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean.

It has to have a "blondy" look. It shouldn´t get to dark.


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Workshop Rice Collaborative

Workshop Rice Collaborative conducted under the Project Erasmus + Empower Students with Entrepreneurial Skills, spurred by social craftsman José João Rodrigues.

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